Below are some of the many testimonials Parneet has received over the years of providing tarot and mediumship.

I would like to thank you for the wonderful reading yesterday.
I was blown away by it and still get the goosies thinking about it.
You are an amazingly talented lady and I will see you again and recommend you to my like minded friends.
Thank you once again!
Regards, Lynda

“What an amazing night of messages… Parneet managed to pull exact people, exact descriptions and exact situations….some very beautiful messages for those who attended….We are going to get her to teach development classes in the future….excellent evening….For those of you who know him, she even managed to pull Frank…or should I say Frank managed to pull her, lol!!….Anyway we were all in awe of her mediumship….Join us next time for a meeting with SPIRIT with a very talented medium. Thank you Parneet!!!”

“I was at a fair and decided to sit in on a demonstration of mediumship. Shortly after sitting down, Parneet, who was one of the mediums doing the demonstration began speaking of a large man who was connecting with her. I started recognizing him to be my grandfather. So when she asked if anyone resonated with it,I spoke up. She spoke of him wanting to apologize for his part in stuff that happened to me as a child. Over the next month, this created such a huge release for me. I can say I very much needed to hear that message.   Thanks..Tracy.”